Ooh La La! 5 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With French Pottery

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French pottery 'savors the flavors'

When I first started cooking with Alsatian pottery, I was intrigued by the web of fine cracks spreading throughout the glaze. I assumed this was accidental, or even a defect, but as it turns out this vintage look is the result of an intentional state in the glazing process which prevents the pottery from completely cracking apart during firing. I was fascinated to learn that the "crackle effect" has the added benefit of keeping food moist while cooking and locking in the natural flavors of the cuisine. The "crackling" effect of the pottery also aids in the longevity of the pottery to prevent from completely cracking in half and breaking apart as the pottery is able to expand to the form needed at high temperatures.

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Pottery by Beck  for Sea La Vie  in photo above is a lead free earthenware that is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Photo above shows pottery designs collaborated with Sea La Vie and a well know French pottery company in the Alsace region.

Photo above shows pottery designs collaborated with Sea La Vie and a well know French pottery company in the Alsace region.

French pottery is a labor of l'amour

Potter's in the Alsace region of France have honed their craft for centuries, passing on techniques from generation to generation. Alsatian potter's have stayed true to their traditional methods, refusing to skip mechanize, or farm out key steps in their process. Each and every piece in the Sea La Vie collection by Beck has been lovingly hand-painted in France. 

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Photo above, Alsatian pottery company Beck in business since 1750

photo above artists hand painting pottery 

photo above artists hand painting pottery 

French pottery goes from oven to table

I love that  I can set the food oven to table and adds a touch of character and beauty to the table setting. These functional pieces bring such beauty and whimsy to even the most casual table setting while keeping the food nice and warm. 

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French Pottery is melange' et assorti'~ MiX and Match

The simple patterns and coordinating palette of blues, grays, and reds in the Sea La Vie Collection allows for endless mixing and matching, creating place-settings and serving sets which range from sophisticated to casual.

J'adore the colorful palette and the ability to mix and match Designs to add character and charm to any collection of pottery.

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French pottery is what makes 'le Cuisine d'Alsace'

The earthenware pottery is part of the culture that lives on as the traditional way of cooking in the Alsace region. The cuisine is simply exquisite!

Bon APPetit!

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The Alsace region of France is full of picturesque villages with quaint mom and pop pottery specialty shops  passed from generation to generation. 


Nicole Wing