Netherlands Collection AMS 03

Netherlands Collection AMS 03


Picturesque cobblestone villages intertwined with canals surrounded by colorful tulip fields, windmills, and bicycle lined streets are the first thoughts that come to mind when we think of Holland or the Netherlands! The historic cheese markets filled with traditional dutch delicacies of gouda and edam during the summer months are delightful and the works of Rembrandt and hallmark artists of the golden age are seen throughout these traditional market squares and cities. The dutch architecture is also known for their Georgian colonial revival style characterized by brick facades with curved eaves and gambrel roof tops. The Netherlands collection is inspired by the innovative mixture of styles seen in cities like Amsterdam ranging from romanesque, gothic, renaissance, golden age to contemporary. Chic, classy, and contemporary. Each piece of the Netherland collection is handmade, hand painted, and signed by the European artisan.

  • Handmade & hand painted

  • Made of clay

  • Made by European artisans.

  • Imported by Sea La Vie

  • Made In Lithuania.

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