Belgium Collection BEL 33

Belgium Collection BEL 33


When we think of Belgium, mussels, beer, chocolate, and waffles are the first things that come to mind! For Belgium’s petit size, the country is grand with beautiful country sides and filled with ornate architecture within the town squares. It is a country full of rich history and a blend of culture from border countries France, Germany, and Netherlands . Belgium is also the headquarters for NATO.

Belgian architecture is known for it’s neo gothic and baroque step laddered buildings with brick facades. Market squares known as “ Le Grand Place” within the larger cities are surrounded architecturally by grand guild houses and city halls stemming from the 15th-18th century. Many of the Belgian collection houses were inspired from the stunning architecture seen in Antwerpen, Brugge, and Ghent,

The Belgian collection is sure to light up your holiday village display with it’s medieval charm and character. Each piece is handmade, hand painted, and signed by European artisans.

  • Handmande & hand painted

  • Made of clay

  • Made by European artisans.

  • Imported by Sea La Vie

  • Made In Lithuania.

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